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Hassle-Free Investment: Letting ASSG Take Care of the Details

Our company manages the entire investment process, including payment plans, documentation, and profit calculations. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you are comfortable with investment choices and understand potential risks and rewards.

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Why Dubai's Real Estate Market Offers Lucrative Investment Opportunities with Minimal Risks

In the last 20 years, Dubai transformed from an unknown point on the map to the one of the biggest international business and tourist hubs, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe. One of Dubai’s fastest growing sphere of economy continues to be real estate development. Local authorities do everything possible to create a favourable environment and to encourage foreigners to engage in the sphere.

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Navigating Dubai's Real Estate

However, it may be challenging for both novice and experienced investors to navigate Dubai’s abundant real estate market and many companies take advantage of that for their own benefit. We at ASSG understand that and are willing to help you enter the lucrative market with minimum risks while guarantying total transparency and security of your investment. Our company has a great experience of working in the region: we work closely with local developers as well as investment partners.

The practice showed that investment in real estate has proven to be incredibly beneficial with annual returns up to 30%.

Our company provides a broad range of investment possibilities. Our years of experience allows us to help you maximize returns while minimizing risks. Investing with us will increase your wealth and protect it from inflation, providing you with long-term financial security. In our company we take an individual approach to each of our client: we take into account our clients’ wishes before select and present the project that will meet their needs.

Investing Responsibly: How ASSG Can Help You Choose the Right Investment Project

Choosing the perspective investment project is a task that should be handled in a responsible manner.  We, at ASSG, understand that it can put a lot of pressure on the individuals and we would like to help investors to alleviate the difficulties faced by them. We offer an individual approach to all of our clients, we care about providing our customers the best service along all the way and make sure the investment process goes smoothly.

Usually the process takes place in few steps

Our company takes care of the whole investment process – drawing up a payment plan, preparing the necessary documentation, calculating the planned profit and the timing of its receipt and etc. –  you don’t have to worry about anything! Our experts will accompany you throughout entire process – we will work closely with you to ensure that you’re comfortable with your investment choices and that you understand the potential risks and rewards associated with each one. 

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Initial Meeting to Discuss Investment Goals and Preferences.

Firstly, we will hold an initial meeting with you where we can understand each other better. If you reside in Tallinn or Dubai, you can visit our headquarters, otherwise, we will arrange a video conference with you through Zoom or other platforms comfortable for you. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask the questions,  express your concerns and wishes regarding the investment, and we will do our best to address the issues. We will also discuss your major goals, your preferences and your expectations for investment, thus our experts will be able to draw a full picture of what you are interested in.

Selection and Discussion of Investment Projects.

After the meeting, our specialists will start searching for the suitable investment projects according to your request. We will prepare the list of relevant project to choose from and present it to you – potential investor.  Then we will hold a second meeting where we can discuss the projects in more details and correct possible defects. You also has an opportunity to visit the project sites yourselves, our personnel will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions.

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Example of investment process

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To understand the process better let’s have a look at the simplified example of investment process. After identifying the desired projects and signing the documents, you are expected to make a down payment which is usually is 10% of the whole investment (for instance, your share in project’s estimated price is 500 000 $, so you need 50 000$ to enter the deal). 

Congratulations, you are now a part of the promising project. In 1,5 months you will have to deposit another 30%, but the dates differ from project to project. 

Later you need to pay the rest. After 50% of the whole investment is paid you gain status of the owner and you can freely manage your share – you can  either to sell it and do not deposit another 50%, you can pay the rest of price and sell it later on, or you can decide to organize the construction on the facility with other shareholders and sell it after the end of the construction, if that the case you are required to deposit a sum of investment proportional to your share. 

Generally the investment pays off within 2 years. 

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It’s better to see once. We invite you to personally visit all the objects. We will conduct a personal showing for you on villas and plots available for purchase or investment.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming event! Book your time now by contacting us in advance. We look forward to hearing from you and ensuring your spot is reserved. Don’t wait until it’s too late – reach out to us today! 

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We will tell you how the local document flow works. Let's analyze the mathematics of projects using a specific example.